» 10 New Levelled Readers

10 New Levelled Readers

New term, new titles!  

What better way to start the term than with some fresh reads.
Our latest drop of ten levelled readers has your blue to purple level readers sorted with a range of fiction and non-fiction titles that are destined to delight!
Here’s what your class have to look forward to:

  Book Summary Fiction or Non-fiction Reading Box  Reading Level  Themes

In this book we meet two best friends. Do you have a best friend? What do you like to do together?

Non-fiction Blue 9 Conflict, Friends, Relationships
Have you ever seen any of the sea creatures mentioned in the book? Which one and where did you see it?  Non-fiction  Blue   10

Animals birds and insects, Exploration, Discovery


Would you like to be a wildlife detective? This book explains what you need and where to look!  Non-fiction  Green  14 Animals birds and insects, Discovery, Habitats, Neighbourhood
In this story children help prepare for the class play. Have you ever helped put on a play? What did you do?  Fiction  Green  13 Different views, School and community, The Arts
In this book we learn about the mountains and the people of Nepal. Have you heard of the Sherpa people of Nepal? Do you know what they do?  Non-fiction  Orange  15 Different lands, Geography, Exploration
Do you know what a fossil is? In this book we learn about some of the exciting fossil discoveries that made Mary Anning famous.  Non-fiction  Orange  15 Discovery, Earth science, Animals, birds and insects
Have you learned about Anzac Day at school?  In this story, Iris and her donkey Poppy attend an Anzac Day Parade together for the first time.  Fiction  Turquoise  18 Overcoming obstacles, History, Family, Pets
The soldiers and nurses in this story were brave despite being scared. Have you ever felt brave?  Fiction  Turquoise  18 Family, History, Challenge
In this story one of the characters misses out on an invitation to his friend’s party. Have you ever felt left out?  How did it make you feel?  Fiction  Turquoise  17 Conflict, Emotional Literacy, Friends, School and community
In this book we learn about the Milky Way, which is the galaxy that includes Earth and our solar system. Have you ever seen the Milky Way at night?  Non-fiction  Purple  20 Space, Scientific investigation, Discovery

What’s included?  

Each one of our new titles is kitted out with the tools and resources that you know and love. Here’s a recap:


Teacher Support Materials
Every reader includes Lesson Plan, Blackline Master, Printable Readers and Sequence Strips.


Text is highlighted in sync with the audio.  Narration can be switched on or off by the teacher.

Comprehension Quiz
Every reader includes an online comprehension quiz. Quizzes and quiz narration can be switched on or off by the teacher.