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Hi-Lo Decodables

What are Hi-Lo Decodable Readers?

  • Readers with strictly controlled text, perfect for students who need more practice to master the phonics code, including students in Years 3 to 6

The Hi-Lo Decodable Readers have the same structure and controlled vocabulary as all other decodable readers on Wushka, teaching students systematic phonics in a sequential progression. Every reader has been written with a strictly controlled text, so that students are only exposed to those letter sounds that they have previously learnt. Tricky words are only included after they have been introduced.


  • Readers which follow the Decodable Scope and Sequence

The Hi-Lo Decodable Readers sit within the existing decodable phases 2 to 6 and follow the same progression as the other decodable readers in those phases.

  • Readers which include high interest themes and older, relatable characters

    The Hi-Lo Decodable Readers feature high interest stories with an exciting array of adventures, centred around a cast of relatable, older characters that reflect the modern world that we live in. These high-interest themes and older characters engage both younger and older students in the primary years, who need more practice mastering the phonics code.


Where do I find the Hi-Lo Decodable Readers on Wushka?


The Hi-Lo Decodable Readers are found in the Wushka Decodable Library. There are 12 Hi-Lo Decodable Readers in each phase, from phase 2 to phase 6 (60 in total). At each phase the Hi-Lo Decodable Readers sit within their own Hi-Lo reading box.

Don’t have access to the Wushka Decodable Library?
Easily fixed. Simply email onlinelearning@teaching.com.au and we’ll give you free access for the next 30 days so you can take a look.