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Ash U

The kids love being able to interact with the Wushka Readers on their iPads and I love being able to see what they’ve been reading. It’s so easy to assign Readers each week for homework, none of them get lost and they never go home with the same Reader twice. I also love the great range of support materials that are provided, particularly for ESL kids.

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Bronwyn W

Wushka is used throughout the Early Stage One through to Stage 2 and has been such a positive addition to our literacy programs. We have been able to inform parents about Wushka to help their children in the home situation. Our Stage 2 parents have particularly welcomed the increased support to help their children who have learning difficulties. In Early Stage 1 and Stage 1, I have been impressed with witnessing the children using the resource independently to support their learning in the classroom and at home. I love Wushka and all the opportunities and increased learning opportunities it provides for our students both at home and at school! Many positive comments from both teachers and parents. Great program!!

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Lyn J

Wushka levelled reading is an excellent cloud based program that is being enjoyed by my 6/5 composite class. The program is easy to set up and provides me as the class teacher excellent information on what and how the students are reading. The variety of text is impressive and the lesson plans and blackline masters associated with the text are great.
Students in my class are asking to do reading groups so they can logon to Wushka.

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Pauline B

WUSHKA is a great addition to my reading program as it allows me to check on the students progress in answering comprehension questions which may differ from the way in which I structure questions. I believe the more variety they get in terms of how questions are structured the better.

WUSHKA enables me to track how often they read, whether they change titles and comprehension results.

WUSHKA has also been beneficial in allowing me to set reading for the child to listen to (reading above their reading standard) – particularly those children that do not get home reading practice.

WUSHKA has another beneficial aspect – activities may be generated if needed including photocopies of the texts. This is more desirable in cases when the child has a history of not returning reading material. It is also useful when students are aided as it provides guidelines for Integration aides to follow.

WUSHKA has allowed us to expand available reading material for the children.

WUSHKA has proven to be a user-friendly as the children appear to navigate the site well.

Pauline Bailey
Warragul North Primary School

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Pauline H

Staff are really happy with the program as it has encouraged students disengaged in reading to be more enthusiastic in reading groups and during independent reading activities. The program also allows for students to choose from a very wide range of texts and genre.

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Sharon M

Wushka has engaged my struggling readers extremely well and they love doing it! They often ask me when we are doing WUSHKA reading!!
Thank you for making my job easier!

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Tania H

I personally like the way you can select books that are appropriate to each child’s reading level and they can check their own level of understanding of a text through receiving a score for questions answered after reading the book.