» We Can Bake

We Can Bake

Book meta-data
  • Reading Box: Red (Levels 3-5)
  • Year: Kindergarten
  • Fiction/Nonfiction: Non-fiction
  • Theme/Topic: Family, Food
  • Genre: Non-fiction
  • Strategy/Skills: Exploring text structure, Summarising, Following instructions, Exploring writer's craft
  • Page Count: 16
  • Reading Level: 4
  • Item Code: 200784
  • High Frequency Words: I, in, the, we
  • Curriculum Codes: ACELA1435, ACELA1434, ACELA1786, ACELA1437, ACELA1440, ACELA1817, ACELA1818, ACELY1648, ACELY1649, ACELY1650, ACELA1453, ACELA1454, ACELA1821, ACELY1659, ACELY1660
Reader Description

Baking is fun, especially when you help each other. When when all the hard work is done, you get to have the first taste!

After you have completed the Reader

Ask someone to help you bake some biscuits. Find a recipe together. Take turns to put things into the bowl. Make the biscuits and share them with the family.

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