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» Moon Moon

Moon Moon

Book meta-data
  • Reading Box: Green (Levels 12-14)
  • Year: One
  • Fiction/Nonfiction: Fiction
  • Theme/Topic: Change over time, Maths
  • Genre: General narrative
  • Strategy/Skills: Activating prior knowledge, Asking and answering questions, Using texts as models
  • Page Count: 8
  • Reading Level: 13
  • Item Code: 200717
  • High Frequency Words: when, above, come, know, but
  • Curriculum Codes: ACELA1454, ACELT1584, ACELT1585, ACELY1658, ACELY1659, ACELY1660, ACELA1469, ACELA1470, ACELT1589, ACELY1669, ACELY1670
Reader Description

This is a short poem that explains why plants, crabs, and people like the shiny, full moon.

After you have completed the Reader

Write the headings "Same" and "Different". What is the same about Earth and the Moon? What is different about Earth and the Moon? Write your ideas under the headings.

Support Materials

Printable Reader


Printable Reader (Wordless)


Sequence Strip