» Leaves, Fruits, Seeds, and Roots

Leaves, Fruits, Seeds, and Roots

Book meta-data
  • Reading Box: Red (Levels 3-5)
  • Year: Kindergarten
  • Fiction/Nonfiction: Fiction
  • Theme/Topic: Food, Plants, Science and technology
  • Genre: Report
  • Strategy/Skills: Visualising, Making inferences, Determining importance
  • Page Count: 12
  • Reading Level: 4
  • Item Code: 200625
  • High Frequency Words: a
  • Curriculum Codes: ACELA1435, ACELA1434, ACELA1786, ACELA1437, ACELA1439, ACELA1440, ACELA1817, ACELA1818, ACELT1575, ACELT1578, ACELT1785, ACELY1649, ACELY1650, ACELA1453, ACELA1821, ACELT1582, ACELT1584, ACELT1585, ACELY1659, ACELY1660
Reader Description

There are lots of different plants in this garden. How many of them can you put into a salad?

After you have completed the Reader

Write down the headings - leaves, fruits, seeds, and roots. Read the book again. There are different vegetables and fruits in the pictures. Write their names under the correct heading. Can you add any other names to the groups?

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