I Like that Beat! - Wushka Australia Cloud-based Levelled Reading Program

I Like that Beat!

Reading level
  • Reading Level: Orange (Levels 15-16)
Reader Description

Bear is learning to play the drums, but the noise sounds terrible and the animals tell him to go and play somewhere else. Does Bear's playing get better with practice?

After you have completed the Reader

When Bear starts playing the drums, the sounds he makes are described as "Bang, Boom, Bang!" or "Bash, Bang, Boom!" When his playing is better, the sounds are described as "Ba-da-boom!" and "Ba-da-boom-boom!" Choose one or two instruments such as the guitar or the violin. How do you think the instrument would sound when it is played badly. Write the sounds. How do you think it would sound when it is played after practice. Write the sounds.

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