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Going to Canada: Li-Ming’s Diary

Going to Canada: Li-Ming’s Diary>
Reading level
  • Reading Level: Gold (Levels 21-22)
Reader Description

"My father called last night. He sounded so far away. I felt shy and didn't know what to say." Li-ming's father and brother have moved from China to Toronto, and Li-ming and her mother will soon join them there. She's nervous about living in a new country, and it helps to write her feelings in her diary.

After you have completed the Reader

What do you know about China? Make a chart with two columns. Write the headings, "China" and "My Home". In the "China" column, write a list of the things you know about China. Use information in the book to help you. Under the "My Home" heading, write a list of the things in your home that are different from China. Are any things the same in both places?

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