» Cephalopods


Book meta-data
  • Reading Box: Gold (Levels 21-22)
  • Year: Two
  • Fiction/Nonfiction: Non-fiction
  • Theme/Topic: Animals birds and insects, Discovery, Habitats
  • Genre: Recount, Report
  • Strategy/Skills: Making predictions, Summarising, Monitoring for meaning
  • Page Count: 32
  • Reading Level: 21
  • Item Code: 200447
  • High Frequency Words:
  • Curriculum Codes: ACELA1824, ACELA1825, ACELY1669, ACELY1670
Reader Description

Cephalopods have soft bodies, and some have shells. They also have arms that grow out of their heads!

After you have completed the Reader

Write a report about a cephalopod, such as a squid, an octopus, or a nautilus. Write about: • what the cephalopod looks like; • what it eats; • how it escapes from its enemies; • how it catches its prey, • any other special features.

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