» Blackbird’s Nest

Blackbird’s Nest

Book meta-data
  • Reading Box: Blue (Levels 9-11)
  • Year: One
  • Fiction/Nonfiction: Fiction
  • Theme/Topic: Animals birds and insects, Science and technology
  • Genre: Explanation
  • Strategy/Skills: Making connections, Making predictions, Determining author's purpose
  • Page Count: 8
  • Reading Level: 11
  • Item Code: 200516
  • High Frequency Words: sat, from, what, one, big
  • Curriculum Codes: ACELA1435, ACELA1434, ACELA1786, ACELA1437, ACELA1439, ACELA1440, ACELA1818, ACELY1648, ACELY1649, ACELY1650, ACELA1453, ACELA1454, ACELT1585, ACELY1659, ACELY1660
Reader Description

Watch as the baby blackbirds hatch, grow, and fly away from the nest their mother has made.

After you have completed the Reader

This book is about an animal that hatches from an egg. What other animals do you know that hatch from eggs? Make a little book about these animals. Write the name of each animal. Draw a picture of each animal.

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