Pauline B - Wushka Australia Cloud-based Levelled Reading Program

Pauline B

WUSHKA is a great addition to my reading program as it allows me to check on the students progress in answering comprehension questions which may differ from the way in which I structure questions. I believe the more variety they get in terms of how questions are structured the better.

WUSHKA enables me to track how often they read, whether they change titles and comprehension results.

WUSHKA has also been beneficial in allowing me to set reading for the child to listen to (reading above their reading standard) – particularly those children that do not get home reading practice.

WUSHKA has another beneficial aspect – activities may be generated if needed including photocopies of the texts. This is more desirable in cases when the child has a history of not returning reading material. It is also useful when students are aided as it provides guidelines for Integration aides to follow.

WUSHKA has allowed us to expand available reading material for the children.

WUSHKA has proven to be a user-friendly as the children appear to navigate the site well.

Pauline Bailey
Warragul North Primary School